Spaghetti Eddie

The story of a boy who finds numerous and humorous ways to use his spaghetti to help people with their problems.

Click HERE to see and hear a read aloud by Ryan SanAngelo.


Bye Bye Balloon

Bye Bye Balloon is the story of an adventurous balloon that travels the world. Follow along for the ride, as you see amazing sights around the globe!


Smile Every Day Activity Book and 20 Song CD

* Children draw their own illustrations in the book to Ryan SanAngelo’s lyrics.

* Children write responses related to the lyrics.

* Children add or draw a picture of themselves and fill in the “About the Illustrator” section.

* Includes the totally awesome 20 song Smile Every Day CD.

* Contains printed lyrics to 10 of the songs on the Smile  Every Day CD.


Wake Up, Tommy! You’re in a Book!

After having a bad day, a turtle named Tommy is surprised to wake up inside a book. Will you, the reader, help cheer Tommy up?