Past Performances

Elementary Schools

Bungay Elementary (Seymour, CT) 3/21/19
Bucks Hill Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 10/31/18
McKinley Elementary (Fairfield, CT) 5/18/18
Bucks Hill Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 6/21/17
Kelly Lane Primary School (Granby, CT) 6/13/17
Wendell Cross Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 6/7/17
Chase Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 3/8/17
Holland Hill School (Fairfield, CT) 3/1/17
Long Meadow Elementary (Middlebury, CT) 6/1/16
Western Elementary (Naugatuck, CT) 2/4/16
Wilson Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 11/18/15
Redding Elementary (Redding, CT) 11/17/15
Carver Elementary (Carver, MA) 6/19/15
Young Elementary (Randolph, MA) 5/18/15
Blue Point Elementary (Blue Point, NY) 5/8/15
Lyman Elementary (Middlefield, CT) 5/5/15
Bradley Elementary (Derby, CT) 4/30/15
Holden Elementary (Warwick, RI) 4/15/15
Winthrop Elementary (Bridgeport, CT) 4/8/15
Northville Elementary (New Milford, CT) 4/7/15
Murphy Elementary (Oakville, CT) 3/19/15
Quaker Farms Elementary (Oxford, CT) 3/19/15
Patton Elementary (Mt. Juliet, TN) 1/20/15
Chase Elementary- After School Program (Waterbury, CT) 12/18/14
Wilson Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 11/19/14
JFK Elementary (Randolph, MA) 11/18/14
Chase Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 10/22/14
Cos Cob Elementary- Celebrate Art Night (Cos Cob, CT) 6/6/14
Andrew Avenue Elementary (Naugatuck, CT) 6/6/14
Wendell Cross Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 6/3/14
Welan School (North Providence, RI) 5/30/14
Pomperaug Elementary (Southbury, CT) 5/9/14
Frenchtown Elementary (Trumbull, CT) 4/23/14
St. Mary Magdalen School (Oakville, CT) 3/21/14
Mackrille Elementary (West Haven, CT) 3/19/14
Wilson Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 3/7/14
South Elementary (New Canaan, CT) 3/7/14
Great Neck Elementary (Waterford, CT) 1/29/14
Oak Street Elementary School (Franklin, MA) 6/18/13
JFK Elementary (West Babylon, NY) 5/20/13
Davenport Ridge Elementary (Stamford, CT) 5/6/13 & 5/8/13
Frenchtown Elementary (Trumbull, CT) 4/30/13
Carrington Elementary School (Waterbury, CT) 3/26/13
Albany Avenue Elementary School (Lindenhurst, NY) 2/6/13
Sliney Elementary School (Branford, CT) 10/16/12
Fawn Hollow Elementary (Monroe, CT) 6/8/12
Cunniff Elementary (Watertown, MA) 5/7/12
Pettibone Elementary (New Milford, CT) 4/24/12
South Elementary School (New Canaan, CT) 4/13/12
Middlebrook Elementary (Trumbull, CT) 4/12/12
St. Augustine School (K-8) (Providence, RI) 4/9/12
Hill and Plain School (New Milford, CT) 4/3/12
Mohegan Elementary School (Shelton, CT) 2/29/12
Eli Whitney School (Stratford, CT) 2/9/12
Mathewson Elementary School- 2nd grade class (Milford, CT) 2/3/12
John Trumbull Primary School (Watertown, CT) 1/23/12
MacArthur Elementary School (Waltham, MA) 1/20/12
EC Steven’s School (Wallingford, CT) 1/9/12
Elizabeth Shelton School (Shelton, CT) 11/4/11
Carrington School (Waterbury, CT) 6/9/11
Wilby High School- preschool show (Waterbury, CT) 5/25/11
Niantic Center School (Niantic, CT) 5/5/11
Franklin School (Stratford, CT) 4/14/11
Eli Whitney School (Stratford, CT) 4/12/11
Eli Whitney School (Stratford, CT) 2/18/11
Osborn Hill School (Fairfield, CT) 11/19/10
North Street School (Windsor Locks, CT) 6/15/10
Orange Avenue School (Milford, CT) 5/11/10
Bucks Hill School (Waterbury, CT) 4/29/10
Bradley Elementary (Derby, CT) 4/21/10
Fawn Hollow Elementary (Monroe, CT) 4/15/10
Bolton Center School (Bolton, CT) 4/13/10
Fawn Hollow Elementary (Monroe, CT) 3/31/10
Tisko Elementary (Branford, CT) 3/12/10
Helen Street School (Hamden, CT) 3/12/10
Bunker Hill School (Waterbury, CT) 2/4/10
Holland Hill Elementary (Fairfield, CT) 12/18/09
Andrew Avenue Elementary (Naugatuck, CT) 11/6/09
Vinton Elementary (Mansfield Center, CT) 5/29/09
Sunnyside Elementary (Shelton, CT) 5/28/09
Northeast Elementary (Waltham, MA) 5/8/09
Frenchtown Elementary (Trumbull, CT) 4/3/09
Tinker School (Waterbury, CT) 3/20/09
Park Ave Elementary (Danbury, CT) 5/14/08
Frenchtown Elementary (Trumbull, CT) 5/14/08
Irving Elementary (Derby, CT) 5/12/08
Plympton Elementary (Waltham, MA) 4/2/07
Prendergast Elementary (Ansonia, CT) 12/6/06
Bungay Elementary (Seymour, CT) 10/13/06
Shelter Rock Elementary (Danbury, CT) 6/9/06
Bethlehem Elementary (Bethlehem, CT) 11/29/05
East Haddam Elementary (Moodus, CT) 5/6/05
Algonquin Elementary (Prospect, CT) 3/15/05
Fisk Elementary (Salem, NH) 5/26/04
Quaker Farms Elementary (Oxford, CT) 5/12/04
Regan Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 4/28/04
Barbieri Elementary (Author’s Day) (Framingham, MA) 4/16/04
Main Street School (grades 3-5) (Terryville, CT) 4/15/04
Highland Elementary (Cheshire, CT) 4/13/04
Prospect Street School (Terryville, CT) 4/12/04
Stapleton Elementary (Framingham, MA) 3/15/04
Charles Barnum Elementary (Groton, CT) 3/12/04
Doyon Elementary (Ipswich, MA) 3/1/04
McCarthy Elementary (Framingham, MA) 1/30/04
Goshen Center School (Goshen, CT) 1/22/04
Warren Elementary (Warren, CT) 1/20/04
Morris Center School (Morris, CT) 1/14/04
McKinley Elementary (Fairfield, CT) 11/21/03
Horace Mann Elementary (Melrose, MA) 11/7/03
Mamaroneck Avenue School (White Plains, NY) 9/17/03
Washington Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 6/18/03
Bucks Hill Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 6/17/03
Wendell Cross Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 6/12/03
Pleasant Valley Elementary (South Windsor, CT) 6/5/03
Tobin Elementary (Cambridge, MA) 5/7/03
Peabody Elementary (Cambridge, MA) 5/6/03
Haggerty Elementary (Cambridge, MA) 4/30/03
Allesandro Elementary (Los Angeles, CA) 3/10/03
Seth Boyden Elementary (Hoboken, NJ) 2/27/03
John Trumbull Primary (Watertown, CT) 2/24/03, 2/25/03
Maloney Magnet School (Waterbury, CT) 1/31/03
St. Mary Magdalen School (Oakville, CT) 1/28/03
Hop Brook Elementary (Naugatuck, CT) 1/27/03
Wilson Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 1/17/03
Rotella Magnet Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 1/17/03
Bunker Hill Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 1/15/03
Walsh Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 1/15/03
Maloney Magnet Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 1/15/03
Bucks Hill Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 1/14/03
Washington Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 1/14/03
Sprague Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 1/14/03
Prospect Street School (Naugatuck, CT) 12/4/02
Pomperaug Elementary (Southbury, CT) 12/3/02
Anna LoPresti Elementary (Seymour, CT) 12/2/02
Timothy Dwight Elementary (Fairfield, CT) 11/22/02
Long Meadow Elementary (Middlebury, CT) 11/21/02
Cambridgeport Elementary (Cambridge, MA) 11/25/02, 11/26/02
John W. McCormack Middle School (Dorchester, MA) 11/13/02
Laurel Ledge Elementary (Beacon Falls, CT) 11/6/02
Gainfield Elementary (Southbury, CT) 11/5/02
Pomperaug Elementary (Southbury, CT) 10/24/02
Driggs Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 10/23/02


Honeytree Preschools (Wilton and Monroe, CT) recurring
Goddard School (Monroe, CT) 8/21/19
KinderCare (Springfield, MA) 8/6/19
3-4 Open the Door (Westport, CT) 8/2/19
Goddard School (Farmington, CT) 8/1/19
Honeytree Preschool (Monroe, CT) 7/29/19
Honeytree Preschool (Wilton, CT) 7/29/19
Launch and Learn Preschool (Woburn, MA) 7/18/19
Launch and Learn Preschool (Medford, MA) 7/17/19
KinderCare (North Haven, CT) 7/11/19
Bright Horizons (Glastonbury, CT) 7/10/19
Derby Daycare (Derby, CT) 4/25/19
Pumpkin Preschool (Shelton, CT) 4/18/19
Pumpkin Preschool (Westport, CT) 4/18/19
Pumpkin Preschool (Fairfield, CT) 4/23/19
Shiny Little Stars (Stamford, CT) 10/31/18
Bright Horizons (Trumbull, CT) 10/19/18
Trinity Nursery School (Springfield, MA) 10/15/18
YMCA Preschool (Naugatuck, CT) 9/26/18
Goddard School (Glastonbury, CT) 9/21/18
Wee Day Care (Branford, CT) 8/29/18
First Steps Preschool (Southbury, CT) 8/16/2018
KinderCare (South WIndsor, CT) 7/31/18
Bright Horizons (Glastonbury, CT) 7/30/18
Julia Day Daycare (Ansonia, CT) 7/10/18
Teddy Bear Tree House (Seymour, CT) 6/21/18
Strong Start Preschool (Trumbull, CT) 6/9/18
First Church Preschool (West Hartford, CT) 6/7/18
West Hartford Methodist Nursery School (West Hartford, CT) 4/18/18
Pumpkin Preschool (Fairfield, CT) 4/5/18
Pumpkin Preschool (Shelton, CT) 4/5/18
Pumpkin Preschool (Westport, CT) 4/5/18
YMCA Preschool (Naugatuck, CT) 11/15/17
Sterling House Preschool (Stratford, CT) 10/4/17
Stork Club (Orange, CT) 7/28/17
Stork Club (Rocky Hill, CT) 7/27/17
Stork Club (Meriden, CT) 7/26/17
KinderCare (Guilford, CT) 7/26/17
Stork Club (Southington, CT) 7/26/17
Stork Club (Cheshire, CT) 7/25/17
Stork Club (Glastonbury, CT) 7/24/17
KinderCare (Farmington, CT) 7/24/17
Julia Day Care (Ansonia, CT) 7/13/17
Derby Day Care (Derby, CT) 7/6/17
Mohegan Summer Camp (Uncasville, CT) 6/30/17
St. Paul’s Preschool (Fairfield, CT) 6/29/17
Goddard School (Suffern, NY) 6/21/17
Interfaith Preschool (Danbury, CT) 4/27/17
Goddard School (Wilton, CT) 4/13/17
Pumpkin Preschool (Shelton, CT) 4/12/17
Pumpkin Preschool (Westport, CT) 4/12/17
Pumpkin Preschool (Fairfield, CT) 4/12/17
Redwing Pond House Preschool 3/10/17
KinderCare (Wallingford, CT) 8/16/16
Bright Horizons (Stamford, CT) 8/4/16
Smart Start Preschool (Agawam, MA) 7/13/16
Creative Kids Preschool (Westfield, MA) 7/13/16
Mohegan Summer Camp (Uncasville, CT) 7/8/16
Just A Wee Daycare Center (Hopedale, MA) 6/28/16
TVCCA (New London, CT) 6/23/16
St. Paul’s Preschool (Fairfield, CT) 6/10/16
Wee Care Preschool (North Branford, CT) 6/2/16
Pryme Tyme Preschool (East Longmeadow, MA) 5/12/16
Busy Bees Preschool (East Longmeadow, MA) 5/12/16
Pryme Tyme Preschool (East Longmeadow, MA) 5/11/16
Busy Bees Preschool (East Longmeadow, MA) 5/11/16
Shiny Little Stars Preschool (Stamford, CT) 4/29/16
Salem Community Childcare Center (Naugatuck, CT) 4/20/16
TVCCA Headstart (New London, CT) 4/15/16
Cornerstone Children’s Center (Trumbull, CT) 2/15/16
Trinity Nursery School (Springfield, MA) 12/22/15
Mali’s Day Care (Purchase, NY) 12/21/15
Trinity Nursery School (Springfield, MA) 12/21/15
Sunshine Preschool (Hamden, CT) 11/25/15
West Hartford Methodist Nursery School (West Hartford, CT) 11/17/15
Pumpkin Preschool (Westport, CT) 11/12/15
Pumpkin Preschool (Fairfield, CT) 11/12/15
Pumpkin Preschool (Shelton, CT) 11/11/15
Alef Bet Preschool (Southbury, CT) 10/28/15
Sterling House Preschool (Stratford, CT) 10/19/15
Children’s Learning Express (North Kingstown, RI) 10/14/15
CANE Child Development Center (Wakefield, RI) 10/14/15
Once Upon a Time Academy (North Providence, RI) 10/13/15
Wee Care Preschool (North Branford, CT) 10/6/15
Little Friends Preschool (Greenwich, CT) 8/19/15
KinderCare (South Windsor, CT) 8/18/15
KinderCare (Farmington, CT) 8/12/15
A Child’s Place (Westport, CT) 8/7/15
KinderCare (Guilford, CT) 8/4/15
Bright Horizons (Wilton, CT) 8/3/15
KinderCare (Essex, CT) 7/30/15
First Steps (Southbury, CT) 7/28/15
Bright Horizons (Newington, CT) 7/22/15
KinderCare (Wallingford, CT) 7/8/15
KinderCare (Oxford, CT) 7/7/15
The Learning Community (Wallingford, CT) 6/23/15
Creative Preschool (Wilbraham, MA) 5/15/15
TVCCA Headstart (New London, CT) 5/14/15
Interfaith Preschool (Danbury, CT) 4/14/15
Play and Learn Child Development Center (Thomaston, CT) 4/13/15
Fraser Woods Montessori School (Newtown, CT) 4/10/15
West Hartford Methodist Nursery School (West Hartford, CT) 3/12/15
First Step Nursery School (East Longmeadow, MA) 1/29/15
High Hopes Preschool (Franklin, TN) 1/22/15
Whiz Kids Preschool (Lebanon, TN) 1/21/15
Goddard School (Franklin, TN) 1/21/15
Holly Tree of Priest Lake Preschool (Antioch, TN) 1/20/15
Sunshine Preschool (Hamden, CT) 11/26/14
Sterling House Preschool (Stratford, CT) 11/24/14
Grace Childcare Center (Stratford, CT) 11/17/14
Pumpkin Preschool (Westport, CT) 11/13/14
Pumpkin Preschool (Fairfield, CT) 11/12/14
Pumpkin Preschool (Shelton, CT) 11/12/14
Hill Farm Preschool (Fairfield, CT) 10/30/14
Ridgefield Montessori School (Ridgefield, CT) 10/30/14
Bright Horizons at Bright Meadow (Enfield, CT) 10/24/14
Preschool of America (New York, NY) 10/21/14
Mountain Hill School (Atlantic Highlands, NJ) 10/14/14
Pryme Tyme Preschool (East Longmeadow, MA) 10/9/14
Busy Bees Preschool (East Longmeadow, MA) 10/9/14
Pryme Tyme Preschool (East Longmeadow, MA) 10/8/14
Busy Bees Preschool (East Longmeadow, MA) 10/8/14
Children’s Learning Express (North Kingstown, RI) 9/25/14
KinderCare (Essex, CT) 8/8/14
Bright Horizons (Wilton, CT) 8/6/14
KinderCare (Farmington, CT) 7/24/14
The Jewish Home Preschool (Fairfield, CT) 7/23/14
The Learning Center (Cromwell, CT) 7/9/14
St. Paul’s Nursery School (Fairfield, CT) 7/1/14
The Learning Center (Cromwell, CT) 6/30/14
KinderCare (Wallingford, CT) 6/18/14
KinderCare (Guilford, CT) 6/16/14
Derby Day Care (Derby, CT) 4/11/14
Sterling House Preschool (Stratford, CT) 4/9/14
Westport Weston Cooperative Nursery School (Westport, CT) 1/31/14
Pumpkin Preschool (Shelton, CT) 11/14/13
Pumpkin Preschool (Westport, CT) 11/13/13
Pumpkin Preschool (Fairfield, CT) 11/13/13
Landmark Preschool (Redding, CT) 10/31/13
Ridgefield Montessori School (Ridgefield, CT 10/30/13
Sterling House Preschool (Stratford, CT) 10/23/13
St. Paul’s Nursery School (Fairfield, CT) 7/9/13
Landmark Preschool (Redding, CT) 4/26/13
Landmark Preschool (Westport, CT) 4/8/13 & 4/9/13
Westport Weston Cooperative Nursery School (Westport, CT) 2/1/13
Pumpkin Preschool (Fairfield, CT) 11/14/12
Pumpkin Preschool (Shelton, CT) 11/15/12
Pumpkin Preschool (Westport, CT) 11/15/12
Children’s House of Montessori (Woodbridge, CT) 10/26/12
St. Paul’s Nursery School (Fairfield, CT) 6/29/12
Interfaith Preschool (Danbury, CT) 4/25/12
Pumpkin Preschool (Westport, CT) 2/16/12
Pumpkin Preschool (Fairfield, CT) 2/15/12
Pumpkin Preschool (Shelton, CT) 2/15/12
Great Beginnings Montessori School (Fairfield, CT) 2/4/12
Hunt Ridge Montessori School (Fairfield, CT) 1/19/12
Honeybear PreSchool (Stratford, CT) 10/25/11
Derby Day Care (Derby, CT) 8/17/11
Step Away Preschool (Monroe, CT) 5/23/11
Milford Co-Op Preschool (Milford, CT) 5/6/11
Kiddie Korner Nursery School (Milford, CT) 7/23/10
Child’s World Preschool (Woodbury, CT) 4/14/10
Saugatuck Nursery School (Westport, CT) 2/8/10
Greenwich YWCA Preschool (Greenwich, CT) 12/2/09, 12/3/09
Great Beginnings Montessori School (Fairfield, CT) 12/1/09
Five Mile River Nursery School (Rowayton, CT) Fridays 10/5/09-3/5/10
Holly Pond School (Darien, CT) 1/13/09, 1/14/09
Merryhill Childcare Center (Newtown, CT) 8/12/08
Holly Pond School (Darien, CT) 5/19/08, 5/20/08
Bright Horizons (Bethel, CT) 7/17/06
Campus Kinder Haus (Quincy, MA) 1/11/06
Christ Church Preschool (Oxford, CT) 5/25/05, 5/26/05
Ridgefield Montessori School (Ridgefield, CT) 5/21/03



Huntington Branch Library (Shelton, CT) 9/21/19
Plumb Memorial Library (Shelton, CT) 8/15/19
Norwalk Library (Norwalk, CT) 7/9/19
Harborfields Library (Greenlawn, NY) 6/26/19
Boston Public Library (Boston, MA) 6/21/19
Brookfield Library (Brookfield, CT) 6/14/19
Weston Library (Weston, CT) 4/17/19
Bethel Public Library (Bethel, CT) 2/2/19

Boston Public Library (Boston, MA) 11/9/18
Plumb Memorial Library (Shelton, CT) 11/3/18
Norwalk LIbrary (Norwalk, CT) 8/10/18
Weston Library (Weston, CT) 7/25/18
Ansonia Public Library (Ansonia, CT) 7/26/18
Norwalk Public LIbrary (Norwalk, CT) 7/14/17
Grove Hall Library (Dorchester, MA) 8/18/16
Norwalk Public Library (Norwalk, CT) 7/15/16
Cheshire Public Library (Cheshire, CT) 6/15/16
Blackstone Library Author Expo (Branford, CT) 5/21/16
Southbury Public Library (Southbury, CT) 4/11/16
Plumb Memorial Library (Shelton, CT) 2/6/16
Southbury Public Library (Southbury, CT) 8/21/15
Norwalk Public Library (Norwalk, CT) 8/14/15
Maynard Public Library (Maynard, MA) 8/11/15
Welles-Turner Library (Glastonbury, CT) 7/23/15
Boston Public Library - Copley (Boston, MA) 4/21/15
Howard Whittemore Library (Naugatuck, CT) 1/17/15
Noah Webster Library (West Hartford) 10/31/14
New Milford Library (New Milford, CT) 10/5/14
Grove Hall Library (Dorchester, MA) 8/14/14
Norwalk Public Library (Norwalk, CT) 7/25/14
Derby Library (Derby, CT) 7/14/14
Southbury Library (Southbury, CT) 6/28/14
Grove Hall Library (Dorchester, MA) 6/20/14
Stratford Library (Stratford, CT) 4/15/14
Sherman Library (Sherman, CT) 3/15/14
Danbury Library (Danbury, CT) 12/27/13
Norwalk Public Library (Norwalk, CT) 12/27/13
Blackstone Library (Branford, CT) 12/11/13
Norwalk Public Library (Norwalk, CT) 11/15/13
Norwalk Public Library (Norwalk, CT) 9/13/13
Norwalk Public Library (Norwalk, CT) 7/31/13
Otis Library (Norwich, CT) 11/17/12
Sherman Library (Sherman, CT) 5/25/12
Noah Webster Library (West Hartford) 11/19/11
Waterford Library (Waterford, CT) 8/5/11
Seymour Library (Seymour, CT) 8/4/11
Stratford Library (Stratford, CT) 8/3/11
Watertown Library (Watertown, CT) 8/3/11
Central Library (Marietta, GA) 7/18/11
Danbury Library (Danbury, CT) 7/15/11
Milford Library (Milford, CT) 7/14/11
Harwinton Library (Harwinton, CT) 7/13/11
Wheeler Library (Monroe, CT) 7/9/11
Oliver Wolcott Library (Litchfield, CT) 7/7/11
Beacon Falls Library (Beacon Falls, CT) 7/6/11
Derby Library (Derby, CT) 6/29/11
Southbury Library (Southbury, CT) 6/28/11
Guilford Free Library (Guilford, CT) 5/25/11
Fairfield Woods Library (Fairfield, CT) 12/29/10
Fairfield Public Library (Fairfield, CT) 8/5/10
Newfield Branch Library (Bridgeport, CT) 7/14/10
Old Mill Branch Library (Bridgeport, CT) 7/14/10
Harwinton Public Library (Harwinton, CT) 5/13/10
Bethel Library (Bethel, CT) 4/20/10
Guilford Free Library (Guilford, CT) 4/16/10
Dorchester Public Library (Dorchester, MA) 2/23/10
Ridgefield Public Library (Ridgefield, CT) 2/15/10
Westport Public Library (Westport, CT) 12/30/09
Noah Webster Library (West Hartford, CT) 12/30/09
Fairfield Public Library (Fairfield, CT) 10/24/09
Milford Public Library (Milford, CT) 10/24/09
Ansonia Public Library (Ansonia, CT) 9/17/09
Derby Neck Library (Derby, CT) 8/19/09
Milford Public Library (Milford, CT) 8/4/09
Fairfield Public Library (Fairfield, CT) 7/21/09
Prospect Public Library (Prospect, CT) 6/25/08
Trumbull Public Library (Trumbull, CT) 7/30/07
South End Public Library (Boston, MA) 7/23/07
Seymour Public Library (Seymour, CT) 7/19/07
Thomaston Public Library (Thomaston, CT) 6/28/07
Oxford Public Library (Oxford, CT) 6/18/07
South End Public Library (Boston, MA) 10/2/06
Bridgeport Library- Newfield Branch (Bridgeport, CT) 4/18/05
Bridgeport Library- Old Mill Branch (Bridgeport, CT) 4/18/05
Gunn Memorial Library (Washington, CT) 4/16/05
Newton Free Library (Newton, MA) 2/8/05
Mary Cheney Library (Manchester, CT) 4/21/04
Hamden Public Library (Hamden, CT) 4/20/04
Minor Library (Roxbury, CT) 4/19/04
Peabody Library (Peabody, MA) 3/23/04
Simsbury Public Library (Simsbury, CT) 3/10/04
South Windsor Library (South Windsor, CT) 2/19/04
Wells-Turner Library (Glastonbury, CT) 2/17/04
Saugus Public Library (Saugus, MA) 2/4/04
Ridgefield Public Library (Ridgefield, CT) 1/19/04
Woodbury Public Library (Woodbury, CT) 11/22/03
C. H. Booth Library (Newtown, CT) 11/8/03
Lynn Public Library (Lynn, MA) 10/22/03
Danbury Public Library (Danbury, CT) 7/11/03
Howard Whittemore Library (Naugatuck, CT) 5/28/03
Southbury Public Library (Southbury, CT) 11/19/02
Allston Public Library (Allston, MA) 10/29/02
Middlebury Public Library (Middlebury, CT) 10/23/02




Barnes and Noble (Waterbury, CT) 4/20/12
Barnes and Noble- local authors night (Waterbury, CT) 4/18/12
Barnes and Noble (Milford, CT) 12/2/11
Andover Bookstore (Andover, MA) 9/30/05
Baileywick Books (New Milford, CT)
Barnes and Noble (Enfield, CT) 4/19/04
Barnes and Noble (Glastonbury, CT) 4/22/03
Barnes and Noble (Waterbury, CT) 4/12/03
Borders Books and Music (Danbury, CT) 3/29/03
Borders Books and Music (Simsbury, CT) 3/22/03
Borders Books and Music (Framingham, MA) 3/19/03
Borders Books and Music (Braintree, MA) 12/21/02
Waldenbooks (Waterbury, CT) 11/30/02
Waldenbooks (Southbury, CT) 11/23/02
More Good Books (Woodbury, CT) 11/17/02
Borders Books and Music (Peabody, MA) 11/12/02
Borders Books and Music (Cambridge, MA) 11/9/02
Harvard Cooperative Bookstore (Cambridge, MA) 11/2/02
Barnes and Noble (Brookline, MA) 10/15/02
Barnes and Noble (Boston, MA) 9/23/02



Birthday Party (Stamford, CT) 9/14/19
Old Saybrook Parks & Rec Summer Camp (Old Saybrook, CT) 8/13/19
Vendor Fair (Orange, CT) 8/9/19
Mohegan Summer Camp (Uncasville, CT) 8/9/19
Peanut Butter & Jelly Jam Concert (Fairfield, CT) 7/24/19
Trumbull Parks & Rec Concert (Trumbull, CT) 7/16/19
Birthday Party (Fairfield, CT) 7/13/19
Old Saybrook Parks & Rec Summer Camp (Old Saybrook, CT) 6/25/19
Birthday Party (Norwalk, CT) 1/26/19
Birthday Party (Hamden, CT) 11/4/18
Old Saybrook Parks & Rec Camp (Old Saybrook, CT) 8/7/18
Mohegan Summer Camp (Uncasville, CT) 8/3/18
Parks & Rec Family Concert (East Greenwich, RI) 7/27/18
Trumbull Parks & Rec Concert (Trumbull, CT) 7/17/18
Wallingford Parks & Rec Concert (Wallingford, CT) 7/13/18
Peanut Butter & Jelly Jam Concert (Fairfield, CT) 7/11/18
Stamford Parks & Rec Summer Camp (Stamford, CT) 7/6/18
Old Saybrook Parks & Rec Summer Camp (Old Saybrook, CT) 6/27/18
Ansonia Summer Reading Block Party (Ansonia, CT) 6/23/18
Birthday Party (Pleasantville, NY) 6/23/18
Birthday Party (Fairfield, CT) 5/26/18

Birthday Party (Yorktown Heights, NY) 5/5/18
Birthday Party (Norwalk, CT) 4/8/18
Birthday Party (Orange, CT) 4/7/18
Birthday Party (Norwalk, CT) 3/1/18
Parks and Rec Showcase and Exhibit (East Hartford, CT) 2/15/18
Birthday Party (Barkhamsted, CT) 12/16/17
Birthday Party (Ridgefield, CT) 1/9/17
Santa’s House (Fairfield, CT) 12/9/17
Birthday Party (Easton, CT) 10/21/17
Birthday Party (Norwalk, CT) 10/15/17
Birthday Party (Windsor, CT) 9/17/17
Maritime Aquarium - Salute Norwalk Day - (Norwalk, CT) 9/16/17
Birthday Party (Wilton, CT) 8/20/17
Birthday Party (Hartsdale, NY) 8/19/17
Family Concert - Old Mine Park (Trumbull, CT) 8/15/17
Peanut Butter and Jelly Jam - Sherman Green (Fairfield, CT) 8/2/17
Stamford Yacht Club Camp (Stamford, CT) 8/1/17
Washington Park Camp (Waterbury, CT) 7/31/17
Stamford Yacht Club Camp (Stamford, CT) 7/18/17
Stamford Yacht Club Camp (Stamford, CT) 7/11/17
Stamford Yacht Club Camp (Stamford, CT) 6/27/17
Birthday Party (Southbury, CT) 6/4/17
One World Market (Hartford, CT) 6/3/17
Birthday Party (Redding, CT) 5/21/17
Birthday Party (Hebron, CT) 5/20/17
Birthday Party (Stamford, CT) 5/13/17
Dedication to Education Event (Ansonia, CT) 4/27/17
Read Across the Valley Breakfast - speech - (Shelton, CT) 4/25/17
Maritime Aquarium (Norwalk, CT) 4/22/17
Birthday Party (Easton, CT) 4/8/17
Birthday Party (Waterbury, CT) 3/12/17
Birthday Party (Norwalk, CT) 3/11/17
Birthday Party (Norwalk, CT) 1/14/17
Southwick’s Zoo (Mendon, MA) with Cat Country Radio 6/28/16
Birthday Party (Woodbridge, CT) 8/14/16
Peanut Butter and Jelly Jam - Sherman Green (Fairfield, CT) 8/3/16
Palisades Center- Monday Munchkin Concert (West Nyack, NY) 6/20/16
Reading Event at Waterville Park (Waterbury, CT) 5/16/16
Birthday Party (Stamford, CT) 3/5/16
Birthday Party (Fairfield, CT) 1/16/16
Birthday Party (Southampton, MA) 1/2/16
Birthday Party (West Hartford, CT) 12/19/15
Santa’s House (Fairfield, CT) 12/12/15
Birthday Party (Groton, CT) 11/22/15
Kids U (Pleasantville, NY) 10/30/15
Kids U (Port Chester, NY) 10/29/15
Cardi’s Furniture (South Attleboro, MA) 10/15/15
Birthday Party (Monroe, CT) 10/10/15
Westfield Mall - Kidnetic Clubhouse Show (Trumbull, CT) 8/22/15
Wallingford Parks and Rec Show (Wallingford, CT) 7/24/15
Enfield Parks and Rec Show (Enfield, CT) 7/8/15
Palisades Mall - Monday Munchkin Show (West Nayak, NY) 7/6/15
Mohegan Tribe Summer Camp (Uncasville, CT) 6/26/15
Birthday Party (White Plains, NY) 6/20/15
Birthday Party (Avon, CT) 5/9/15
Birthday Party (Derby, CT) 3/29/15
Birthday Party (Bridgeport, CT) 2/26/15
Parks and Rec Showcase and Exhibit (East Hartford, CT) 2/19/15
Little Learner’s Studio (Rye, NY) Friday classes 10/3/14-12/19/14
Santa’s House (Fairfield, CT) 12/14/14
Birthday party (Glastonbury, CT) 12/7/14
Discovery Museum Spooktakular Event (Bridgeport, CT) 10/25/14
Auer Farm Fall Festival- Outdoor show (Bloomfield,CT) 10/18/14
Nassau County Library Showcase and Exhibit (Garden City, NY) 10/6/14
Dedication to Education Event (Ansonia, CT) 10/2/14
Cardi’s Furniture Concert (North Attleboro, MA) 9/25/14
Big E (Springfield, MA) 9/14/14
Big E (Springfield, MA) 9/13/14
Coventry Farmer’s Market (Coventry, CT) 8/17/14
Fun Fest @ Grace United Methodist Church (Fairfield, CT) 6/21/14
Birthday Party (Hamden, CT) 6/7/14
Teddy Bear Festival (New Milford, CT) 6/7/14
Birthday Party (Fairfield, CT) 6/1/14
Birthday Party (Bridgeport, CT) 4/27/14
Touch a Truck Event (Swansea, MA) 4/27/14
Easter Egg Extravaganza at Pawtuxet Village Park (Warwick, RI) 4/13/14
Birthday Party (Norwalk, CT) 3/8/14
Birthday Party (Bridgeport, CT) 2/8/14
Santa’s House (Fairfield, CT) 12/15/13
Santa’s House (Fairfield, CT) 12/14/13
First Church @ Simsbury Celebrates (Simsbury, CT) 11/30/13
Birthday Party (Piermont, NY) 11/16/13
Vendor Fair at Bright Horizons (Trumbull, CT) 11/14/13
Auer Farm Fall Festival- Outdoor show (Bloomfield, CT) 10/5/13
Branford Reads Celebration (Branford, CT) 9/14/13
CT Author’s Night at Bozrah Farmer’s Market (Bozrah, CT) 9/6/13
Stepping Stones Museum Back to School Event (Norwalk, CT) 9/5/13
Fun Fest @ Grace United Methodist Church (Fairfield, CT) 6/1/13
Birthday Party at the Oakdale (Wallingford, CT) 4/6/13
Birthday Party (Watertown, CT) 3/9/13
Santa’s House (Fairfield, CT) 12/8/12
Girl Scout Troop (Prospect, CT 12/5/12
Auer Farm Fall Festival- Outdoor show (Bloomfield,CT) 10/13/12
CT Storyteller Showcase and Exhibit (East Hartford, CT) 10/10/12
Branford Reads Celebration (Branford, CT) 9/15/12
K-2 Summer Camp (Southbury, CT) 7/31/12
Fun Fest @ Grace United Methodist Church (Fairfield, CT) 6/2/12
Author/Illustrator Night @ Post Rd School (White Plains, NY) 5/3/12
Nassau County PTO Performer Exhibit (Garden City, NY) 4/2/12
PTO Vendor Fair and Showcase (Hamden, CT) 3/31/12
Holiday Vendor Fair at Mustang Sally’s (Milford, CT) 12/13/11
East Lyme WinterFest at Niantic Cinemas (Niantic, CT) 12/11/11
Santa’s House (Fairfield, CT) 12/10/11
Holiday Vendor Fair at United Church of Christ (Milford, CT) 12/3/11
Auer Farm Fall Festival- Outdoor show (Bloomfield,CT) 10/1/11
Torrington Marketplace Outdoor Market (Torrington, CT) 8/18/11
North Branford Senior Center (North Branford, CT) 8/15/11
Torrington Marketplace Outdoor Market (Torrington, CT) 8/11/11
Enfield Town Green Concert (Enfield, CT) 8/10/11
Pre-K Summer Camp at Roxbury Elementary School (Stamford, CT) 7/13/11
Carelot Children’s Center for New London Even Start (East Lyme, CT) 5/5/11
Bye Bye Balloon book signing with Sean Boyce (Boston, MA) 5/7/11
CT Parks and Recreation Entertainment Showcase (East Hartford, CT) 2/9/11
The Hide Out (Shelton, CT) 11/19/10
Auer Farm Fall Festival- Outdoor show (Bloomfield,CT) 10/2/10
The Little Gym (Fairfield, CT) 8/29/10
Camp Summer (Milford, CT) 8/9/10
CT Parks and Recreation Entertainment Showcase (East Hartford, CT) 2/4/10
Bowery Poetry Club (New York, NY) 1/17/10
Finger Lakes Hospitals Health Fair- Meet and Greet/Book Signing (Penn Yan, NY) 11/7/09
Auer Farm Fall Festival- Outdoor show (Bloomfield,CT) 10/3/09
Valley Even Start (Shelton, CT) 3/11/09
CT Loves To Read Event @ Target (Waterbury, CT) 2/7/09
CT Loves To Read Event @ Target (Waterbury, CT) 2/2/08
Kids U (Norwalk, CT) 7/31/07
Kids U (Stamford, CT) 7/24/07
Spaghetti Dinner & Literacy Night @ MacArthur Elementary (Waltham, MA) 2/28/07
CT Loves To Read Event @ Target (Waterbury, CT) 2/3/07
CT Loves To Read Event @ Laurel Ledge Elementary (Beacon Falls, CT) 2/2/07
Stamford Even Start (Stamford, CT) 11/15/06
Literacy Night @ Brooklyn Elementary (Waterbury, CT) 10/20/06
Spaghetti Dinner and Literacy Night @ Driggs Elementary (Waterbury, CT)
Birthday Party (Oxford, CT) 5/13/06
New London Even Start Mothers Day Tea (New London, CT) 5/12/06
Roxbury Family Shelter (Roxbury, MA) 11/30/05
Book Signing @ Toy Journey (Southbury, CT) 4/16/05
American Association of University Women Luncheon @ Southbury Hilton
   [as a guest speaker] (Southbury, CT) 4/2/05
Waterbury Arts Magnet School (Dr. Seuss’ Birthday) (Waterbury, CT) 3/2/05
Literacy Night @ Loring Elementary (Sudbury, MA) 3/3/05
Author/Illustrator Night @ Post Rd School (White Plains, NY)
New London Adult Ed. Center (New London, CT) 1/28/05
Valley Even Start- as part of family day (Ansonia, CT) 9/24/04
Wolcott Reading Rally (Wolcott, CT) 4/3/04
Book Blast @ One Square Mall (Saugus, MA) 2/28/04
CT Loves To Read Event @ Brass Mill Center Mall (Waterbury, CT) 2/7/04
Oxford Center School Author Night [as a guest speaker] (Oxford, CT) 1/13/04
Ridgefield Tellebration for Storytellers (Ridgefield, CT) 11/22/03
Litchfield County Superintendent’s Association Student Awards Dinner
   [as guest speaker] (Torrington, CT) 11/20/03
Mass. General Hospital (Boston, MA) 11/13/03
Kid’s Play Palace Day Care (Boston, MA) 10/10/03
Alfonseca Children’s Hospital (Brighton, MA) 8/11/03
Spaghetti Dinner @ Bucks Hill School (Waterbury, CT) 5/29/03
Spaghetti Dinner @ Bunker Hill School (Waterbury, CT) 5/21/03
Western CT State University Graduate Teacher Class (Danbury, CT) 5/12/03
Wolcott Reading Rally (Wolcott, CT) 4/5/03
CT Loves To Read Event @ Brass Mill Center Mall (Waterbury, CT) 2/1/03
Birthday party for 7 year old boy (Southbury, CT) 1/11/03
Holiday Fair @ Anna Lo Presti Elementary (Seymour, CT) 12/10/02