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What Teachers/ PTO/ Parents Have Said About
Ryan SanAngelo

“A delightful young author who was able to hold Pre-K to 2nd graders attention for a full 40 minutes. The children readily identified with Ryan due to his friendliness, cool attitude, fun songs and excellent message from his book “Spaghetti Eddie.” The teachers, PTO and staff were just thrilled with his performance.”

– PTO John Trumbull Primary School (Watertown, CT)

Ryan had definite kid appeal with his stories, songs and raps. His presentation has a little something for everyone in his audience. One of our struggling readers was so taken with Ryan and his story that he invited him to his birthday and Ryan went. They served spaghetti, of course!”

– Librarian at Pomperaug Elementary School (Southbury, CT)

“Mr. SanAngelo visited our school and the students were enthralled with his reading of his book (with the many voices) and his spaghetti song. They were impressed with his eating lunch with them and his obvious interest in their many questions. He is very comfortable with either large or small groups and has a terrific voice for presentations.”

– Librarian at East Haddam Elementary School (Moodus, CT)

Ryan SanAngelo was great. He read his stories with such enthusiasm that children and adults alike were enthralled.”

– 2nd grade teacher at Seth Boyden Elementary School (Maplewood, NJ)

“You were SO great with the kids! Thank you... they are still talking about it!”

– room mom at Mathewson Elementary School (Milford, CT)

“The kids loved you! My daughter keeps talking about how awesome the "Spaghetti Eddie" author was! She has been reading the book to her baby brother all weekend.”

–Michelle, PTO at MacArthur Elementary School (Waltham, MA)

“I think my son is your biggest fan, Ryan! He literally reads "Bye Bye Balloon" every day. And now that he's got words, and happens to love bones, he asks the computer for the "Shake Bones!" (for your video) It's unreal.”

-Lisa (mom and fan)

“Thanks for coming today. You generated A LOT of talk and positive energy!!!”

-Kim, Family Advocate at TVCCA Headstart (New London, CT)


What Kids Have Said About
Ryan SanAngelo

“I liked the book “Spaghetti Eddie” and your songs. I want to be an author when I grow up. You’re a cool author. I like you a lot."

– your biggest fan, Hannah (Doyon Elementary – Ipswich, MA)

“I thought your book was marvelous. You should put it in a contest so your book will win a medal. I like the book because I like to eat spaghetti. When I grow up I want to be an author just like you."

– Alexa (Highland Elementary – Cheshire, CT)

“Thank you for coming. I loved the book. It’s fantastic! And really fun to read. It made reading fun. I’m really glad you came. I really liked the songs too. I can’t get one out of my head.”

–Hannah (Haggerty Elementary – Cambridge, MA)

“I loved the rap songs today! That was cool! I hope I can write a book that good when I get older. I can't wait to show it to my dad when he gets home!”

– Kevin (East Haddam Elementary – Moodus, CT)

“I loved the book “Spaghetti Eddie.” I thought it was silly because you cannot do all those things with just spaghetti. I also liked the songs that you did for us. It was great!”

– Sean (Doyon Elementary – Ipswich, MA)

“I had a great time when you came. This was my best day of school because you came. I loved singing with you. I hope you can come back to my classroom.”

– Savir (Frenchtown Elementary – Trumbull, CT)

“Thank you for coming to JPS. I liked it when you read Bye Bye Balloon because now I know where places are and what they look like.”

– Camryn (John Pettibone School Milford, CT)

“Thank you for coming to JPS. I liked it when you sang Books Books So Many Books. You are awesome.”

– Michelle (John Pettibone School Milford, CT)